June 13, 2010

In which I embarrass myself...

This is a video I made a while back and decided to upload after a couple of comments on a Breakfast Topic I wrote yesterday. I'm not sure if the quality will clean up as sometimes YouTube takes a while to process, but if it's not crisp when I get back tonight, I will upload a new version onto Vimeo. (I hate Vimeo, but they handle HD better.)

The video compiles a lot of screenshots from my old RP server, and then continues on with my solo adventures as an RPer on servers full of normal-ish people. It's very silly, and you all will probably know more embarrassing things about me from this video alone than any post I could ever write.



  1. the way that it's screenshots rather than film is really neat. although it is film i guess just less frames per second. anyway Those were some cool pictures

  2. Song may be Sunrise ( :)

  3. This is incredible! It's so sweet of you to share your wow life. It's funny, through raiding I think so many people forget about how meaningful the simpler things are. While I do cherish my big kills, I'm more fond of meeting random people with my Romantic Picnic Basket, having flying mount races across Northrend, summoning level one characters that friends from other servers rolled to see me kill Thunderaan for his sword, or even when a few friends and I took a water walking assisted field trip to the secret tauren village below Silithus to go fishing. Too bad my hard drive died and I lost all of my pictures >.< Keep playing, keep loving, and keep living. Thanks again for sharing this slice of your life with us :)


  4. Do you know what, that is actually pretty awesome. I am going to start taking more screenshots of my character. Also about the breakfast topic thing - after about a year of waiting I got my higher learning achievement a few weeks ago, and have been /sleeping and logging off in the top of the tower ever since! I logged on a few days ago to see someone else in their who also seemed to be /greeted me before logging out. It's like a secret club!